How to apply varicose veins treatment cream

Anti-cellulite CRYO cream - Herbagen

Anti-cellulite CRYO cream lei Anti-cellulite CRYO cream with intensive anticellulitis effect by cooling, acts through hypothermia which stimulates the lipolysis of adipocytes and micro-circulation.

I tones tissues by cold-driven compaction, action that contributed to reducing the size of the treated area. It's recommended for people with a significant amount of fatty tissue between the skin and muscle antd if the area treated is extensive.

It improves skin firmness, intensifies lymphatic drainage, soothes vascular problems, peripheral circulation, relaxes the feet and acts on edema. Due to its powerfully cooling effect that lasts for minutes, it is recommended for people with fragile capillaries, varicose veins and tired feet.

Vene varicoase Ayurveda Varicose cream home doctor. Wart treatment when pregnant These veins leg heaviness in the legs. Because varicose vein removal of varicose veins and therefore when we were young. I smell a rat a simple to use every age group of 30 to 70 years because it may result into blood clots.

Avoid contact with the eyes or mucous membranes. Wash hand thoroughly after use with soap and water. Usage: apply daily on the cellulite-affected areas by ascending massing from the ankles to the thighs.

how to apply varicose veins treatment cream

The instant-cooling effect lasts for minutes. Warning: do not use during pregnancy. Contains: Cafeisilane stimulates adipocyte lipolysis and micro-circulation.

how to apply varicose veins treatment cream

Fucus and laminaria marine algae that normalize the cellular metabolism due to its high content of iodine, stimulate micro-circulation, remove excess liquid from tissues and toxins from cells, improve muscular tone. Hedera Helix and Aesculus Hippocastanum extracts that allow skin to recover its firmness, tissue to regain their tone and remove excess water.

how to apply varicose veins treatment cream

Cinnamon essential oil that acts as an anti-inflammatory and activates blood flow at skin level. Clove essential oil with local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spastic properties. By local cooling at a cellular level, the body tends to balance its temperature so that through locally generated heat one can achieve the lipolysis of fatty nodules.

Dragon's blood. Chlorhexidine acetate Functions: Relief the swelling. Application: suitable for the people who suffering from vasculitis and varicose veins disease. Varicocele thromboangiitis obliterans, arteriosclerotic occlusion, Raynaud's disease, Ecthyma legs etc.

Quantity: grams. Additional precautions: Before applying to body, test the product on the inside of the forearm, to avoid any allergic reactions to essential oils.

how to apply varicose veins treatment cream

We mention that the redness reactions due to the effect of the product must disappear in about minutes after application. Avoid sun exposure during treatment.

how to apply varicose veins treatment cream

Apply the product on an airy room. Does not contain parabens or parafins. Anti-cellulite CRYO cream quantity.

how to apply varicose veins treatment cream